Week in Review

Meals for the week

  • Chicken burritos
  • Braised chicken with carrots and rice
  • Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy, potatoes au gratin, corn on the cob
  • Apple pancakes, sausage, bacon, scrambled cheese eggs, fresh fruit
  • Turkey breast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, broccoli
  • Chicken sausage and mushroom calzones
  • Thanksgiving sandwiches, fresh fruit

Eye Towards Rhythm

Circle time was re-established!  We sang the “Good Morning” song, “Where is Thumb-kin,” and the “ABC” song.  We marched counting by ones and talked about the day, season, and weather. We then read from my favorite childhood  book, The Grosset Treasury of Nursery Rhymes, which includes poetry from Robert Louis Stevenson, The Three Little Kittens, The House That Jack Built, and Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, along with popular nursery rhymes.  It’s the same book that my mom read to me, minus the back cover.  This book has seen better days and is well used and adored!

We had a couple of activities this week.  I was able to spend time in the kitchen baking one-on-one with each child, which was wonderful!  Jackson helped me to make the dough for monkey bread.  Alex did the dipping of dough balls and helped to make some chocolate chip cookies.  Izzy helped with dinner each night by taking her seat on the counter in the corner next to the sink.  She loves to smell the various cooking herbs and spices while I chop, stir, cook, and wash.

We also painted twice this week.  While awaiting our watercolor order for school, I bought each child a cheapo set of watercolor cake paints that they’ve been enjoying.

The kids also helped with various chores around the house.  Izzy helped with the sweeping of the kitchen by being on dustpan patrol.  Jackson helped clean out the leaves in the toy shed.  And Alex mopped the entryway for me in addition to his regular jobs.


I’ve been working on a hat for Christmas and Alex asked to knit something alongside me.  I wasn’t planning on incorporating handwork back into our days for another week or two, but since opportunity presented itself…

I casted on 20 stitches of white cotton yarn and passed it to Alex, who decided to knit up a coaster for daddy’s new bedside table (a Goodwill find for only $9!)  He’s worked on it in the evenings after dinner a few days this past week and is making excellent progress.

Around the House

I’ve been trying to complete a few bigger projects, de-clutter, and get organized.  I’m still trying to stick to my daily room cleaning schedule, but some days go better than others:

Monday – Kitchen – swept, mopped, sink and counters got a thorough scrub.

Tuesday – Bathrooms – James re-caulked the toilet, mopped, and normal weekly clean.

Wednesday – Bedrooms – I cleaned out our closet and Izzy’s armoire!  Boys’ closet still needs done.

Thursday – Open (This will be our homeschooling co-op day, which takes up most of the day.) – I worked outside on the toy shed.

Friday – Living room and playroom – Hoping to work on de-cluttering a bit.

For the Weekend

It’s finally going to start feeling like summertime around here and heat up into the 90s!  We’ll probably spend some time splashing in the kiddie pool.  Maybe a trip to the splash park will be order too?

We can’t put off looking for a minivan much longer with the baby due to arrive in as early as 8 weeks, so I’m hoping we start our search.  Even if we only look at one vehicle, it’s a start. 😉


10 Years Ago…

It was a cloudy, scattered rain showers kind of day.  I spent the day in preparation and arrived at the art museum early in the evening for outdoor pictures.  I remember laughing and smiling and hoping for the clouds to stay in the distance for just another hour or so.  The music began at 7, a string trio that sat inside the restaurant because of the rain threat, and oh how lovely it was!   I walked down the garden path at 7:30 to my Soul Mate and said, “I do!”

We greeted the last guest in the receiving line as the skies opened up in thunderstorms for the rest of the night.  We ate good food, drank good wine, danced, and thoroughly enjoyed the celebration with our family and friends.

The next day, we jetted off to Paris for our honeymoon (on a strict budget, lol.)

9 Years Ago…

James was working full-time and in school full-time.  I worked as a chemist and hated my job.  I loved coming home to my husband and our sweet little black puppy dog.

8 Years Ago…

We celebrated our newly expanded family.  Alex was born in April and brought so much joy into our lives!   I changed jobs so I could work from home as a medical transcriptionist while tending to the needs of our little one.

7 Years Ago…

James graduated with a BA in Political Science magna-cum-laude.  He took the LSATs and was headed to law school.  We enjoyed the summer off from school and spending time together as a family.

6 Years Ago…

We had made our roots in North Carolina and had the first year of law school behind us.  We weathered a cold winter with an ice-storm that left us without heat or electricity for 11 days.  James studied for his first round of law school finals by candlelight at the kitchen table.  We loved taking weekend trips to the beach and shopping at various farmer’s markets.

5 Years Ago…

Our family grew again with Jackson being born in September.  We moved across town from the apartment to a duplex that was closer to campus a mere month or so before his arrival.  James loved that little duplex.  We had crazy neighbors, big scary bugs, and a beautiful family of deer that munched the grass in the front yard every morning.

4 Years Ago…

James graduated from University of North Carolina School of Law!  What an accomplishment!  He carried Alex across the stage when he received his degree.  James spent the summer working with a local lawyer and studying for the BAR.  I quit my medical transcription job to fully embrace being a stay-at-home-mom.  I coached little league soccer with Jackson in a carrier on my back and chauffeured Alex to playschool and James to work everyday.

3 Years Ago…

We lived in Texas for a short time.  James took a job in sales and we treasured all the time we were able to spend with his side of the family.  We embraced our faith and were confirmed in the Catholic Church.  I began homeschooling Alex.

2 Years Ago…

We found ourselves back home again in Indiana.  James found a better job teaching legal research at 3 nearby universities.  We welcomed our 3rd blessing, Isabella.  James caught her at  the foot of our bed in the apartment after a very short labor.

1 Year Ago…

We began to truly embrace family. We moved out the apartment into a great house with a yard.  We mourned the loss of grandparents.  We began appreciating all the simple things in life that really mean the most.    We’ve enjoyed sharing our hobbies together as a family with James focusing on bushcraft and the great outdoors and me focusing on the domestic arts of sewing, knitting, and baking.

And NOW…

We’re celebrating 10 years, not only as husband and wife, but also as a family.  We’re preparing to welcome our 4th blessing this autumn and look forward to what the next 10 years have in store for us.  To think, it all started with a note passed in the hallway at school when I was merely 13 years old!



Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day Fish!

We took James fishing at a local park for Father’s Day and within 2 minutes of getting Alex set up with a fishing pole, he caught a good size catfish.  It was about the length of Alex’s forearm, so really quite a large catch for him!  And his Daddy couldn’t have been prouder!

Happy Father’s Day!

Backyard Camping


The boys pitched a tent in the backyard yesterday afternoon and informed me that we were having dinner over the campfire.  Add some friends and a quick run to the grocery store and you have summer bliss!

We roasted corn on the cob, hotdogs, and marshmallows over the open flames and did a few hamburgers on with the grill on.  I made sure to get the necessary fixins for s’mores and we all ate in the grass around the open fire.

The kids loved running in and about the tent and then to the swingset and then to ride bikes between quick stops to fill their bellies.  Alex was patient enough to roast his own food and did quite well.

After our friends left, Alex, Jackson, and James settled into their sleeping bags for the night (um, no way this pregnant lady is going to sleep outside when I get up every 1-2 hours to go to the bathroom.)  Jackson did wander back inside after a bit, which is one of the reasons backyard camping is so great with wee ones.

I hope we’re able to have many more impromptu summer events like this one!

Happy Birthday!

James 33 Birthday

Another birthday celebration here yesterday, this time for one special papa!  I helped Izzy make the cake in the morning.  Alex did the base layer of frosting and….

Cake decorating Izzy Boys cake decorating

All three kids got a bag of colored frosting and went to town decorating the perfect birthday cake!

33 Birthday Cake

I think James liked it!  Even though he had to work, I think he had a darn good day and will be enjoying all of his new camping stuff very soon!



I’m back on track with my de-cluttering the house.  No less than 6 cardboard boxes are stacked and waiting to be recycled.  A pile of things to be donated to Goodwill is being accumulated.  I discovered that I do indeed have a countertop in the kitchen and hope to find that I have lots of empty shelf space in the laundry closet once I get to that area as well.

Yesterday’s focus was on our bedroom and converting the office/sewing room into a sewing/bedroom.  One day it will become Izzy’s room, but we have no false expectations of that happening anytime soon and embrace as much.  I really love what is happening in both of the rooms.  We moved a dresser and our beds and now our bedroom is functional again.  No more climbing over a bed to attempt to get into the closet.  The toddler bed set-up is secure regardless of jumping and bouncing.  The lighting works better.

The other bedroom is a bit slower in progression.  I’m unpacking gifted sewing items and organizing them using mason jars and appreciating their vintage beauty.  The inspiration I’m getting every time I walk in the room is overwhelming and it’s hard to continue the work that needs to be done to finish the job and not stop immediately to sew or knit.

Oh, how I am enjoying the simpler things these days.  De-cluttered living space, lemonade, muffins, warm days on the blanket in the grass, watching the kids ride their bicycles, and farmer’s market.  Summer is almost here.