Day 2: Spring is Here

IMG_8251Picnics outside on the blanket and diapers drying on the clothesline.

IMG_8241Leaves on the grapevines and potatoes starting to grow.IMG_8244Peas getting ready to climb.

IMG_8245Apple trees getting a little fuller.

IMG_8247Broccoli and tomato plants growing.

Asparagus and little ones filling up buckets at the rain barrel to water their plants.IMG_8253The first strawberry blossoms.

IMG_8249Herbs, some even made it through winter!
IMG_8250Salsa garden!IMG_7881Little ones helping to plan this year and next year’s crops.IMG_7984Our family working together outside everyday.IMG_8029Visitors to the garden to observe.IMG_8067Dandelions to pick!IMG_8183And many trips to the playground to play and swing!


Our Oh So Little Garden

I meant to have a much bigger garden, but between the exhaustion that goes along with first trimester, a rainy spring, and little time to devote to said garden, I was lucky to put together our little patch.Our Little Garden

We have 3 roma tomato plants that have grown beyond my wildest expectations and two sweet pepper plants, though I’m questioning one of those plants a bit and think it might be a different variety of tomato plant.   I also added a basil and a thyme plant in June and James has been cultivating some purslane in our patch as well.

PurslaneRoma TomatoesPepper?Paprika Sweet Peppers