Winding Up for Lessons

We went out of town with Daddy on business trip on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  It was lots of fun (mama got to go to IKEA) and the kids really enjoyed the hotel experience, but it delayed our start up date of starting in with lessons to next week.  I decided I needed the extra few days to do a bit more planning, catch up on harvesting and preserving, and get caught up on laundry and housework.

Since I had built up the idea of starting lessons, I decided to go ahead and wade into it by doing a few things and starting up with the main lessons next week.

For the Little Ones:

Circle Time Theme: Harvest and Preserving (and in all honesty, I made this all up from the top of my head 5 minutes prior to gathering everyone.)

  • We read the poem “Autumn” from A Journey through Time in Verse and Rhyme, page 171.
  • I told “The Giant Turnip” from Wynstones Press Autumn, page 67.
  • We’re having fun with circles this week.

Grapes, tomatoes, basil, beef jerky, oats, and wheat berries, oh my!  All of it getting harvested and/or preserved in some way and everyone is helping!

Picking Grapes

For Third Grade:

  • Form Drawing:  Circles Circles
  • Handwork: Knitting a coaster
  • Nature Study: Grapes
  • Grammar: Nouns
  • Math: Review (done in the car to and from our destination and in practical form around the kitchen)

And since Summer isn’t officially over yet and it warmed up a little bit today to remind us, we filled up the pool and went swimming!


Form Drawing Resources

As I’ve been planning for third grade, I’m finding that I know very little about the various techniques involved in parts of Waldorf education.  I’ve done a little research and added a few books to my wishlist and wanted to share my findings.

Millennial Child – There’s a great slideshow of various samples of form drawing for grades 1 to 4.  I printed them out and keep them in my form drawing 3-hole folder for each week’s form drawing inspiration.

A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling – Notes from a live webinar on Feb 6, 2009, from Melisa at A Little Garden Flower.  She sells the DVD with the complete video on her website, and I’m hoping to squeeze it into the budget soon.

Form Drawing For Beginners – A Christopherus book by Donna Simmons.  This one is on my wishlist too.

Do you have any resources, free or otherwise, that you use for form drawing?  Please share them in the comments!