Seeing Red

I’ve wanted to paint the boys’ room for some time.  It was on the “to-do” list that kept growing instead of shrinking.

The boys were rooting for blue, but in order to match what we already have, it would have been navy blue or a light blue.  Light blue would have needed a primer coat and I was afraid of it approaching the dreaded country blue that I don’t much care for.  Navy would have been too dark, especially for a smaller room.


Being the brilliant man that he is, James recommended red.  It matches all of the boys’ bedding and wouldn’t need a primer coat since the mauve on the walls (before shot above) would be a perfect base layer.

So, around lunchtime yesterday, I declared that a trip to the hardware store was a necessity to buy paint.  James was working from home, so he kindly moved the furniture for me and by dinnertime, I had applied two coats of red paint.

The boys couldn’t be happier with the results.

Alex and Nova in Red

Jackson and Izzy in Red


Must Sew


All other projects got put on the back burner the other day when I got bit by the sewing bug once again.  This time, I used thrift store finds and refashioned them for Jackson.  I found the Curious George graphic on a teenage girl’s t-shirt, cut it out and used a decorative stitch to put it on a size appropriate little boy shirt.  Jackson was over the moon with it and hasn’t taken it off since I pulled it from the machine.

Since he just got out of the tub and had just received a mama-made shirt, he decided that he must have mama-made underwear to match.  I used what was left of the girl’s shirt and managed to sloppily fashion a pair of boxer briefs for my little man.

The main event was all that left.  Jackson loves comfortable clothes and adores this one pair of knit paints.  He’s worn a huge hole in the knee and still wears these pants twice a weeks.  He won’t let me patch them or cut them into shorts.  So my brilliant idea was to re-fashion men’s t-shirts into knit pants for Jack.  He found a couple of shirts that were half off at Goodwill, one with lightning bugs and another with dolphins.  I did my best to trace his prized pants for a pattern while incorporating the cool picture on the front of the t-shirt into the pants.  It worked beautifully and took less than 20 minutes, start to finish.