Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day Fish!

We took James fishing at a local park for Father’s Day and within 2 minutes of getting Alex set up with a fishing pole, he caught a good size catfish.  It was about the length of Alex’s forearm, so really quite a large catch for him!  And his Daddy couldn’t have been prouder!

Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Birthday!

James 33 Birthday

Another birthday celebration here yesterday, this time for one special papa!  I helped Izzy make the cake in the morning.  Alex did the base layer of frosting and….

Cake decorating Izzy Boys cake decorating

All three kids got a bag of colored frosting and went to town decorating the perfect birthday cake!

33 Birthday Cake

I think James liked it!  Even though he had to work, I think he had a darn good day and will be enjoying all of his new camping stuff very soon!

9 years…

We celebrated our 9th anniversary yesterday.  It was a quiet evening that we enjoyed with our kids, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

In nine years we’ve…

-lived in 3 states.

-called 6 different places home.

-visited 2 other countries (Canada & France.)

-welcomed 3 beautiful children into the world.

-helped to celebrate three 50th wedding anniversaries of family members.

-adopted a sweet furry puppy dog and watch him grow from 4 lbs to 70.

-learned to make wine and beer at home.

-earned 2 degrees (well, James has.)

-met the tooth fairy on 5 occasions.

-learned to knit together.

-seen Niagara Falls.

-gone 11 days without electricity or heat in an ice storm.

-been through a few career changes.

-weathered our fair share of disagreements.

-and never been happier.

I’m so glad that I married my best friend in the world and look forward to our many adventures ahead.  Happy Anniversary James!

Sick and Celebrating

Izzy and Jack are sick AGAIN! Another stomach virus resulting in puking as soon as child is tucked into bed. Jack started in on Saturday evening after I made a big deal about picking his toys up. And Izzy joined him last night. I sent James to sleep in Jack’s freshly made bed and kept the sick kiddos with me since I figured that we wouldn’t be sleeping much. They surprised me though and slept fairly well after 1 am or so.

Today is James’ birthday. Happy Birthday Honey! Alex and I managed to make some cupcakes that we’re hoping to frost in a bit and I made an executive decision to order pizza for dinner tonight. We already let him open his presents this morning before leaving for work. He seemed to like what the kids and I got him, new shoes and a water filter for camping and hiking. He’s planning his next trip for July.

I’ve almost finished knitting up a project and started thinking about Christmas. I have to be vague, but I can tell you about what I have in mind for the kids! For the boys, I’m going to knit up a farm play mat from Living Crafts.  Here’s a completed one from another blog.  I’m hoping to find a small wooden tractor and a few farm animals to go with it. And for Izzy, I’m planning on knitting her up another pair of longies and I’m not sure what else.

A Little Spring Update

Just wanted to post a little update on us.

James is preparing for his hiking trip to Hoosier National Forest with his best friend. He’s been planning it since November and is really looking forward to it.

We’ve been swamped with unexpected happenings. James car had some sort of valve blow and it needed repairing. Less than two weeks later, his brakes went out. So he got new brakes for his car and I got two new tires for my car (I think our mechanic would have let me load up the kids and drive away knowing the condition of the old ones.) Then the laptop stopped working. After running diagnostics, James discovered the hard drive was fried, so we went shopping. Fun stuff!

I’ve been taking the kids out at every opportunity. As it turns out, there are 3-4 other families in our building with toddlers and preschoolers. We’ve been meeting by chance every afternoon while the kids ride bikes and play.

We’ve been spending the weekends outdoors as well. We’ve enjoyed local playgrounds, hiking at state parks, outdoor festivals and Conner Prairie over the past couple of weeks.

Alex is finishing up Peter Pan and is thoroughly enjoying the story. We’ll likely start Dr. Dolittle in another week or two. He’s definitely going through the seven-year-change.

Jackson has been a joy lately. I love listening to him talk and tell me about his favorite parts of his day. He loves to cuddle up with us for a story. He begs to go outside from the moment he gets out of bed. Oh, how the boys have taken to riding their bikes and racing each other! He plays hard, eats well, and has been sleeping fairly well too.

Izzy has conquered the skills of walking and climbing and is working on dancing and running. You should see her dancing with her papa! She adores ring-around-the-rosie, which we do everyday as part of circle time with the boys. She’s working on getting her top canine teeth in to make a total of 12 teeth (8 on top and 4 on bottom)! She repeats “mneeechkkkk” several times a day and we have no idea what it means.

I’ve been up to the usual organizing and de-cluttering around here. I’ve learned it’s a never-ending process. I’m also working hard to finish knitting a pair of boot socks for James in time for his trip. I have many more knitting projects in the works and just need to find the time to work on them.

Izzy has finally succumbed to sleep and the boys are read for some mama reading time.

Love Notes

Last Friday, I was looking forward to beginning the weekend and sharing time with James.  It had been a long busy week.  He was out of town for a couple of days in the beginning, so the weekend was even more deeply anticipated.  Well, around 3, he realized that he had a late class to teach.  I was disappointed that he had to work in the evening and delay the start of the weekend.  Instead of giving him a hard time for working during family time, I sent him a love note.  Nothing special really, just a quick little e-mail to let him know how much I appreciate him.

We used to send love notes back and forth to one another all the time… well since I’ve known him actually when I was 13 and they were notes passed in the hallway in high school.  Later it grew to letters mailed from halfway across the world.  The beginnings of our love story is documented through these notes and letters.  From high school to basic training, from Egypt to West Point Prep, from the army to college, he wrote to me and I to him.  And knowing from the beginning that there was something very special about James and partially being a bit of a packrat, I’ve kept them all.

We continued our writing affair through college, when we were a mere hour apart and even through the first few years of our marriage.  Many times, it was just a post-it note with “I love you” and other times, it was a beautifully orchestrated poem.  But as we became busier with work, school, and kids, the letters and notes began to dwindle.  I think it’s to be expected and only makes the occasional writing that much more meaningful.

After a bit of cleaning recently, a treasure chest that my grandfather made for me as a child sat in the middle of our bedroom floor.  Usually, it’s kept hidden in the closet.  The boys’ curiosity peaked and they could hardly contain themselves wanting to know what was inside.  After shooing them away multiple times, thinking that they wouldn’t understand, I gave in to their curiosity and shared the contents with them.  Two sweet little boys sat quietly, patiently, and with great awe as I unlatched the small wooden trunk to reveal the past.  I showed them daddy’s dog tags from the army and some rose petals from a bouquet sent long ago.  I showed them the many envelopes with letters tucked inside.  We looked at pictures and trinkets.

Alex, much wiser than his age, said, “Wow, what a great treasure from the past to behold!”