It seems to happen in bursts for me.  I go into a frenzy of cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing and well, I’m having another burst!  My recent and current projects:

Boys’ Room – I painted it RED!  James helped move the furniture and disassemble the bunk-beds and together we came up with a new layout for their room.  Alex and Jackson each have their own space and it seems to be helping them in keeping their room cleaner.  I found a couple of rocket paintings at Goodwill half off and need to hang those on the wall, as well as apply corkboard to the back of Alex’s bookshelf.  Anyone know a good adhesive to use for that so the corkboard won’t fall off?

Our Bedroom – All linens have been washed and clothes put away.  I finally put the down comforter up and away in the closet after an unseasonably cooler summer.  It’s August for crying out loud and I shouldn’t need that big ol’ thing at night to keep warm!

I squeezed the rocking chair into the layout and cleared out space in the closet – I’m thinking for baby clothes/diapers/blanket storage space.  I finally hung up Izzy’s dresses in the closet, down low where she can reach them. 😉

I also went through Izzy’s armoire and cleared out all the diapers.  She’s been potty-trained for over a month now and certainly doesn’t need them anymore.   More than half of the diapers are headed for the trash since they were in that poor of shape!  Mama is going to HAVE to go diaper shopping after Christmas.  The basket that held  all the diaper covers is also in poor shape and needs to be replaced, on the to-do list.

Kitchen – Swept and mopped.  I feel like I’ve gotten a handle on the food storage and freezer space after a few months of overload.  An inventory list has been made of the spices and herbs and one will soon be made for the freezers.

James has been helping me with meal planning, which makes all the difference in the world!   I have no problem shopping, prepping, and cooking meals when I know what’s coming.  We planned 16 meals in a single round.  I’m eating better and feeling better for it too!

Living and Play Room – Mainly maintaing some sense of order, or at least pretending.  I need to attack the top of the entertainment center and work on a few toys solutions, but that will come in time.

Outside – My parents gave us a wonderful used riding lawn mower for our anniversary last month!  This has been a huge help and inspired James to do a bit of extra yard work.  He trimmed all the bushes, weeded the various beds, and even mulched the front bed!  I followed his lead and have been working on the kids’ storage shed in the back.  It had lots of left-over toys, broken, toys, and leaves galore, so I’ve been working a little each week to clear out and get rid of a bit more.  I’ve cut the stuff at least in half and got rid of the leaves today!  Jackson thinks he has a new clubhouse and all the kids can play in there comfortably with bikes and all in there with them!

Homeschool – I’ve been a planning maniac!  I’m so excited for Alex’s third grade year and all that we have planned: farming, Old Testament, building structures, fiber arts, Native American and Jewish studies!  The planning is about done, a book wishlist made, and a few supplies ordered.

We’re trying to slide back into our rhythm this month and start full lessons come September.  Circle time has been sorely missed, as have the activities that follow.  I’m loving this re-connecting time with all the kids.

Holiday Planning – I have a few gifts done and ready to go.  I’m working on a few more and got another idea this week for another project.  I still have high hopes of finishing most of my sewn and knitted gifts before October.

Baby Prep – Um, we’re having a baby soon?  One would think that nesting behavior would include some baby preparation, but not really so in my case.  I finally thought to get out the newborn diapers and start to rip out nasty worn-out elastic, but that’s the only baby task happening.  There is nothing in our house or car for that matter that indicates that we’re expecting a baby in as little as 8 weeks.  Honestly though, what does a baby need!?

Well, we do need to start looking at minivans since a fourth carseat will not under any circumstances fit into our current family vehicle.



I handed the camera over to Jackson and Alex one day not too long ago and told them to take a few pictures of me with my big ol’ pregnant belly (at 28 weeks.)  We were outside checking out the garden, swimming in the pool, and taking laundry off the line on a beautiful summer day.

Without further ado…

Alex, Iz and meCuddles and backrubAlex giving me a back rub - I love that boy!Under the lineFolding Laundry28 weeks side belly shotIt's Me!!

Ultrasound Update

All is well with baby.  He/she is measuring right on target and there is indeed only ONE baby in there!  The baby is head down and low.  Placenta is posterior and high.  Very active baby and the kids seemed to enjoy watching him/her on the screen, especially Alex.

Is it a boy or a girl?  Feel free to guess (I love hearing them), but we won’t know for another 4.5  more months.  The boys in the house all think boy and Izzy and I both think girl.

Not quite 20 weeks yet…

but I’m feeling HUGE!!!  Technically, I’m not even to the halfway point yet and will be growing bigger and bigger all summer.  Eeeks!

Almost 20 weeks

I get asked when I’m due by friends and strangers and when I say the end of October, the look on their face is priceless and full of surprise.  I’m pretty sure that they’re thinking much sooner than mid-autumn.  At least I can laugh at that for now.

I can feel the baby moving on a regular basis and this kid has some spunk!  I love that!

I went to see me midwife earlier this week and all seems well with me and the baby.  Good FHT and great blood pressure for mama.

I’ll be having an ultrasound soon, so I’m looking forward to getting a bit of  a blurry visual of baby.  We WILL NOT be finding out the gender until the birth.  I love this simple little surprise, though I must admit that I’m itching to know whether I should be knitting for a girl or a boy.  I have enough pregnant friends to share the knitted goodies with, so I really shouldn’t worry about it and just knit a bit of everything.

Slowing Down

I was really getting into a good household chore rhythm over the past few weeks and making good headway on spring cleaning and de-cluttering as well until… I threw out my back on Sunday trying to roll my pregnant-self over in bed.  It just sounds pathetic, doesn’t it!?  I could hardly stand, walk, or sit on Monday and was bed-ridden all day.

Well, nothing like a forced resting period and being dependent on everyone else for a change.  James changed his work plans around for the week so he can mostly work from home to help out.  Alex has been so awesome helping out with the little kids and doing extra chores around the house all without being asked to do any of it.  He even requested to be in charge of making dinner tonight and wanting to sweep and mop the kitchen later on.

Jackson and Izzy are helping out too.  Izzy is great at dragging clothes baskets full of laundry and picking things up off the floor and who knew that Jackson could be so efficient at picking up the living room when bribed with a cereal box toy!?

Thankfully, I was able to quickly get in to see my wonderful doctor on Tuesday morning.  He did some cupping on my back, which I so highly recommend should you throw out your back, and performed a few adjustments.  Seriously, I felt amazing afterwards and could stand up straight again.  The only down side is the lovely round “marks” left on my back created from the suction.  It’s quite funny.

Food Vent

I am tired of eating.  I’m not having to eat as often as I did during the first three months of pregnancy, but nothing sounds good to eat at this point.  I have more and more foods making my aversion list, good healthful things like salad greens and eggs.  Eating dinner last night was work and so was the sliced apple snack that I forced myself to eat before bed.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and left feeling a bit nauseous from having to look at all the food in the store (at Trader Joes?!)

The only thing that I’m craving right now is a couple pecan danishes from the local family bakery of the town I grew up in.  I feel a road trip coming.  Um, it’s only a 25 minute drive and with Mother’s Day being this weekend, I do believe a visit to see my mom is in order!

Busy, busy!

We enjoyed a lovely visit with family from Texas last weekend and then the kids went through grandma and grandpa withdraw.  We seem to be running endless errands this week between co-ops and a midwife appointment.  Wish things were going to slow down for the weekend, but they’re not.

Izzy’s has been running a fever for the past 36 hours with no other symptoms.  Hoping it’s just related to those top two molars trying to break through her gums and not one of the many bugs going around.

Everyone else seems just fine, a bit put off by the cooler, rainy weather, but that started to change yesterday.  It also helped that we got some play sand for the sandbox.  The boys are happy to brave a bit of cold weather in order to dig and get dirty.

I made it to my first midwife appointment and did indeed hear a heartbeat!  Baby was busy moving and made it a bit challenging to find.