I handed the camera over to Jackson and Alex one day not too long ago and told them to take a few pictures of me with my big ol’ pregnant belly (at 28 weeks.)  We were outside checking out the garden, swimming in the pool, and taking laundry off the line on a beautiful summer day.

Without further ado…

Alex, Iz and meCuddles and backrubAlex giving me a back rub - I love that boy!Under the lineFolding Laundry28 weeks side belly shotIt's Me!!


Our Oh So Little Garden

I meant to have a much bigger garden, but between the exhaustion that goes along with first trimester, a rainy spring, and little time to devote to said garden, I was lucky to put together our little patch.Our Little Garden

We have 3 roma tomato plants that have grown beyond my wildest expectations and two sweet pepper plants, though I’m questioning one of those plants a bit and think it might be a different variety of tomato plant.   I also added a basil and a thyme plant in June and James has been cultivating some purslane in our patch as well.

PurslaneRoma TomatoesPepper?Paprika Sweet Peppers

My Little Nature Hunter

All in one day last week, Jackson found a slug and two varieties of caterpillars.  He was oh so proud of his finds!

Catepillar! Slug Close up of Catepillar

And yesterday, he called me over to the side of the pool to watch a cicada emerging from it’s old shell on the ground.

He misses nothing and is so aware of everything outside.  He’s constantly trying to point out wild edibles and want to be immersed in it all!

It’s a wonder that I’m able to drag him inside at the end of the day!

Co-op Pick-Up

Produce in June

This is our small weekly summer produce share for the week.  We also picked up a bottle of Trader’s Point yogurt, our monthly local Amish butter, our local raw cheese order, and our Frontier order – all from our co-op.

I know I’ve said this before, but I adore our co-op!  Shopping from home with mainly local organic farms at wholesale prices and picking it up just a few miles away is so wonderful!

Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day Fish!

We took James fishing at a local park for Father’s Day and within 2 minutes of getting Alex set up with a fishing pole, he caught a good size catfish.  It was about the length of Alex’s forearm, so really quite a large catch for him!  And his Daddy couldn’t have been prouder!

Happy Father’s Day!

Backyard Camping


The boys pitched a tent in the backyard yesterday afternoon and informed me that we were having dinner over the campfire.  Add some friends and a quick run to the grocery store and you have summer bliss!

We roasted corn on the cob, hotdogs, and marshmallows over the open flames and did a few hamburgers on with the grill on.  I made sure to get the necessary fixins for s’mores and we all ate in the grass around the open fire.

The kids loved running in and about the tent and then to the swingset and then to ride bikes between quick stops to fill their bellies.  Alex was patient enough to roast his own food and did quite well.

After our friends left, Alex, Jackson, and James settled into their sleeping bags for the night (um, no way this pregnant lady is going to sleep outside when I get up every 1-2 hours to go to the bathroom.)  Jackson did wander back inside after a bit, which is one of the reasons backyard camping is so great with wee ones.

I hope we’re able to have many more impromptu summer events like this one!